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Vancouver’s restaurants are famous for their fresh local ingredients and creative culinary styles. It’s no wonder that foodies flock to the city in search of the best food ever! Whether you are looking for sophisticated fine dining or tasty casual eats, you’ll find it in abundance here.

Café de L’École

We could talk about all the great food in Vancouver, but there’s one kind of cuisine no visitor can miss: French. No matter where you are in Vancouver, you’re sure to find a French restaurant to satisfy all your cravings. Not to mention, it’s a cuisine you don’t need to be French to appreciate!

L’Ecole de Gourmet

Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you can’t eat out! Restaurants are an easy way to try new foods and discover hidden vegan gems. With the growing awareness of plant-based diets, vegan restaurants are popping up all over the world. Here in North America, vegan cuisine is becoming more and more popular, making it easy to find vegan restaurants in Vancouver.

Le Jardin de l’École

If you love to eat your way through France, you’ll love Le Jardin de l’École. There are five French restaurants on the property and each of the restaurants offers a unique menu. You can even book a private dinner in the French bistro or in the private villa.

Le Sanglier de l’École

Of course, there are plenty of places to get a fine French meal in Vancouver, but the city’s French restaurants are best for making the most of your trip. Whether you’re looking for authentic bistros, romantic fine dining, or café culture, you’ll find it all here—and all of these spots are great for sharing a few more stories with your French friends back home.

Le Village Brasserie de l’École

If you want to try local cuisine, Le Village is the place to go. With a menu that includes French cuisine, Vietnamese, and even Indian cuisine, you can try a little bit of everything and still feel like you’re in France. The food here is made from locally sourced ingredients, so you can trust that it won’t be loaded with preservatives.

Le Village Brasserie de l’École Annex

After a long day at school, a quick and delicious snack is all the kids need to recharge their batteries. And for parents, a quick visit to the restaurant on the school’s campus is all they need to re-energize for a busy evening at home. And then, when the kids are tucked up in bed, it’s time for the grown-ups to tuck into a delicious meal in this charming French bistro.

Le Village Brasserie de l’École Café

You’ll find plenty of other restaurants in Le Village de l’École, too. For lunch and dinner, try Le Chien de Jean for French cuisine or La Petite France for classic dishes from Brittany. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more casual, stop by Le Café de l’École for a quick lunch or visit the outdoor patio for a relaxing evening.


Everything about the food scene in Vancouver is so unique, and that’s because there are so many different influences that make up the diversity of the dishes you can find here. The best way to discover the region’s cuisine is to try something new each time you go out, whether you’re looking for fast food or something a little more sophisticated.

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